Wiley Park Public School

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Message from the Principal

Wiley Park Public School has a vibrant and vivacious atmosphere that hums with an exciting sense of purpose, inspiring all who enter. Everyday there is a buzz of learning and fun at our school. The days are filled with high quality programs and activities that tap into the needs and strengths of all students. We live each day as a family, supporting and encouraging one another to help develop a proud community.

Our principle values of tolerance and respect make Wiley Park a school that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism which allows students, staff and community members to feel safe and welcome. We work together to move forward to become good, law abiding and active citizens guided by a philosophy of self regulation and working hard to achieve one’s personal best.

Our community members take advantage of the inviting environment by participating in our play group activities, workshops, weekly sewing groups, tertiary and training courses, committee membership, P&C meetings and various school events. We continue to work towards making our school one which meets the needs of all and one which represents a beacon of public education. 

Mrs Demos