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Support Unit

The staff at Wiley Park Public School all work together to promote a culture of acceptance amongst all students across the school.

Wiley Park Public School has a Support Unit with four classes for children with disabilities. The Support Unit has one class for students with a mild intellectual disability, one class for students with a moderate intellectual disability and/or autism, and two classes for students with autism. These classes are supported with a teacher and a Student Learning and Support Officer (SLSO).

Students in the Support Unit have enrolled as a result of the Department’s Placement Panel Process. They access the same curriculum as all students and have a Personalised Learning Support Plan (PLSP). Each student who accesses the support service provided by the Department must have an Annual Student Review meeting.

At Wiley Park Public School every student is looked upon as an individual, who has unique needs and abilities. The Support Unit values opportunities for Integration, providing students with a positive learning environment which recognises progress, and Transition Programs for new student enrolments.