Wiley Park Public School

In Knowledge We Grow

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Academic opportunities

Here at Wiley Park Public School, we provide students with many opportunities to grow and extend their knowledge and talents. Students will be exposed to a variety of extra curricula activities.

  • Whole school singing, drumming for years 3-6, music lessons for K-2, whole school choir with Ms Young, Dance groups with Ms Shelton and Ms Ashley
  • Chess and Scrabble with Mr Thompson and Mr Matos
  • Culinary School (Year 2 - Year 6)

In addition, students get the chance to perform in front of their peers and the community allowing them to build their confidence and self esteem.

The competitive arena awaits students with the chance to excel in public speaking, debating, student newsletter, environmental management and much more. 

Explore the DoE arts unit’s website to find out about state-based and national debating, public speaking and spelling events.